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Appleseed International

We Specialize in managing and guiding project processes from start to completion so your business can achieve your desired goal. We provide robust marketing management and guidance via high level market knowledge and systems. We can ensure the efficiency of your business processes will be maximized so that stringent compliance regulations are met.

Providing business solutions for your city

We provide complete end to end management, information management and marketing solutions that will enable you to achieve successful and efficient outcomes. Managing budgets, resources, relationships, schedules, procurement and planning to a ensure timely completion of projects while maintaining high level financial objectives.


We maintain all conditions and forms of controlling and administering business operations. We ensure the allocation of the correct resources to accomplish your target goals and aspirations efficiently and effectively


We provide and maintain efficient networks between you and your customers allowing you to obtain essential business intelligence about your customers so you may provide only those services which meet their needs.


The complexity of business marketing is managed efficiently and effectively by our highly trained and qualified marketing team, ensuring that your goods and services gain the required awareness in the market place.


We utilise effective resource scheduling and communication systems which provides the ability to anticipate and solve any problems associated with resource availability and work capacity in a variety of scenarios.


The powerful and effective management of your business resource is of paramount importance requiring highly functional strategies and procedures and we employ the best systems, practices and methods to achieve this.


 If you require professional and well sourced procurement Appleseed International can ensure a high level of service providing access to our wide product range ensuring we provide the best deals for all our customers.

Budget management

Get all you projects large and small to delivered within budget, while boasting profits and simplifing the whole process

Logistics Management

Here at Appleseed our objective is to make all your shipping requirements simple and hassle free from start to finish.
We are your one – stop solution provider for international import and export services. We can handle anything from a single container, you are coordinating a large project shipment or you are importing or exporting regular.
We offer the services and competitive pricing of the largest international freight forwarders whilst retaining the attention to detail and personal service of a small responsive independent company.
Our experienced team at Appleseed international regularly visit the markets we serve so we get to fully understand the rapidly changing local conditions of the countries we import and export to.
We offer services to West Africa, East Africa, Middle East, USA and many more.
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Developing schedules

Efficient time saving solutions to meet your important deadlines and streamline your projects.


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Having a certified and accomplished, talented and fully qualified
team enable us to provide you with unsurpassable service.


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Rapid Response

Our team of experts provide a wealth of experience and are able to fulfil your specific bespoke requirements at short notice. The ability to rapidly tailor our services as required is a chief benefit we offer as part of whatever package of services you may choose.


Quality assurance level



Fully Accredited

We are fully accredited across our Management, Information and Marketing services and business offerings.


Making money for our clients


Industry Leader

We are industry leaders in the breadth and range of services we offer under a single business canopy.

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Business Partners

Our business partners are motivated to provide a wealth of in-depth skill and knowledgebase incorporating
communications and project management that enable us to deliver a first class service to our clients.

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